Friday, May 5, 2017

Dear Readers

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We are planning to go back to the States in July.  We are in the process of finding a cheap flight home.  At the moment, the only flight back that seems reasonable is leaving out of Vietnam.  That sure does cause us some stress.  We would stay here another year, but we can't find a reasonable priced school for the kids.  It has been more expensive than we have realized.  We have been going over our budget every month.  Chad was promised a raise in March or April, but that didn't happen.  That makes it a little difficult to get back and set up again.  It is hard starting over.  Sometimes I wish his old job would have let us come to Cambodia, but Chad wasn't enjoying working at that company anymore.

Don't get me wrong we had a wonderful time here, but everything would be easier if the kids were in school.  Homeschooling and virtual school is not for me or my kids.  I feel like I am failing them.  We did learn a lot, but I wish my kids would be brave enough to talk to people and learn more.  I try to show them my experiences, but I realize that I can't make them know or experience life the way I did.  They are going to have their own experiences.

There were a few things they learned.

Fresh Markets and Vendors

There are Islands in Cambodia and they are beautiful

How to become good friends.

It can be lonely on the rocks. *shurg*

Family are forever and Love will last just as long.

Cambodia's love and respect of Ancestors.

What?! There are rubber trees and they grow them here in Cambodia.

White rubber.

Cambodia might be a lot like Florida except for the hills and mountains.

We learn there is a bigger world out there.

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