Friday, July 17, 2009

Answered Prayers

In the pass month Nysa has been saying her prayers without any help. I want to share a few things that she has been asking our Heavenly Father without any help or suggestions from mom, dad or big sister. In the pass she had always been a little scared saying prayers because she just don't know what say. In the last month her little life have been expanding and she is having more experiences to tell and ask our Father in Heaven.
"Please help me eat salad. Please help me learn to eat vegatable like mommy wants me too. Please help me eat my vegatable so I can good eater."
"Please help us be nice to the new baby... that we don't make the baby cry... that we don't push the baby's butt so the baby hits its head on the floor." (Heather, sorry about your baby's head.)
Nysa is so smart and she remember things that I haven't thought about. She remembers things from six months ago, that her big sister had forgotten. She loves piano, dancing, maps, and astronomy. But with all these talents she tell us that when she grows up she wants to be a mother. You should see her with her dolls... the love and tender that she gives each of them. I love her and I hope one day I can be a loving mother that I know she will be.

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