Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Why does the MOON follow us?

I know I promise a story about my mother, but it took me forever to download the pictures and computer wasn't working right... etc. Too hold you guys over I will tell you a little bit about my girls. They are very smart and they love learning knew things, such is the way of a little child.

Once upon a time there lived two little girls, Kaya and Nysa.

They lived in a wonderful world with wonder and mysteries. They question all they do not understand to their all knowing parents.

As they were on their way to dinner they noticed the moon in the sky.

Kaya asked, "Why is the moon following us."

As mommy and daddy think of a way to answer this intelligent question.

Nysa answered, "Because the moon needs to eat, too."

Although mommy and daddy loved that answer,(because they smiled at each other and laugh a little, quietly.) they tried to explained it is because the moon is so far away it seems to follow us.

Kaya said, "Oh because it is in outer space." and she said some other things that mommy and daddy did not understand.

Nysa interjected, "Aliens live in outer space."

Kaya explained, "Aliens do not live on the moon, they live on Mars."

Nysa said, "Yeah, we saw it on 'Arther'"

Ahhh yes PBS is very educational.

A couple of days later we were in the car again and they saw a full moon.

Kaya exclaimed, "Look, Nysa, it's the real moon! The other one we saw the other day wasn't real."

Nysa said, "ohhhhh"

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