Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Writing something profound (Update Post)

I always feel that I have to write something profound, but I am at a lose.  When I do have the time to get on here, I can't think of anything clever to write about.  Always wanting to entertain, I never want to write just what is going on in my life.  Unfortunately,  this will be one of those post.  Since I haven't been on here very much I will do a update post.

1.  We moved into our new house.  I don't know what I can say about by house.  It's gorgeous.
2.  I lost 15 lbs in about two months and I look gorgeous.
3.  Eyva's Birthday was on February 15.  We combined her party with the house warming party.
4.  The girls are doing great in there new school.

That is all I can think about... oh that sounds so boring.  If I don't write anything right now I am won't get a chance the rest of the day.  I think I should go clean something.  Nahhh

I think I have given up on facebook.  My new passion is going on Pinterest and looking at Humor pins.  I sit there and laugh and laugh.  It is great fun.

"Baby elephants throw themselves into the mud when they are upset, like a temper tantrum." 

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