Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Phnom Odong (Odong mountain)

I just found out I had more time.
Here are some pictures of this mountain.

I miss everyone... well maybe not you. lol
Cambodia is a lot different than what I expected. I am in the city and it's different than the U.S. but not my much. I will write about this later. Now, I what to talk about this mountain. On top of Phnom is a monument for the gods. The bones of Buddha lie within the monument.
We stopped for a rest. Well, my mom needed to rest. We weren't halfway, yet.
We are almost to the top and for respect we had to take off our shoes and hat.
Sign says, "Please remove your shoes and hats."
Hear I am at the top.
This is my mom still trying to get to the top.
Behind me is the monument. We tried to capture all three, but we couldn't get all of it. The ones closer to me are the older ones. The far one was just built in the last decade. They have added some embellishments on this one that I am next to. Cambodian likes embellishments.

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chad said...

Ha Ha, old people and stairs. I don't know why you left out the part about the potty stops, that is the best part.