Friday, August 23, 2013

Nysa is Turning 8... When did that happen?

Do you how hard it is to compete with everyone?  A few months ago I went to a 8 year old baptism (LDS kids can get baptized when they turn 8 years old.) and I felt so inadequate.  There was a welcome signature book, photos of the child at a table with the book, a program with the child's pictures.  The kicker is when we had the refreshments.  That was the biggest spread I had ever seen at a baptism.  It seems that everything was made by a chef.  It seems like the whole World was at the baptism.
If just made me think back to my first child's baptism.  Why do you ask I was thinking about it?  During the baptism the said child, my first born, turns to me and says, "Wow, there is a lot of people here mommy.  We didn't have this much people at mine."  I felt bad.

She was right, barely anyone showed up to her baptism.  Let me explain the situation.  Her 8th Birthday was in March of 2012 and had her baby sister February of 2012.  Did anyone asked me for help?  No or at least I didn't remember it if they did.  There was a youth Temple Trip and other people got sick or forgot.  I had someone make the cup cakes and grandma made the egg rolls.  The program was made last minute by Kaya and Grandpa Blimes.  That was it.  Small and simple.  I felt good about it, until she said that to me.

It didn't help that I saw a Facebook post of another kid's Baptism Announcement.  That struck a cord and I went into over drive.  I can't hire anyone to take pictures of my #2, but I can.  Come on children get dress and look pretty, I will do your hair if you like it or not.  Let us go to the playground and take some awesome pictures.  So here are the shots I took.  Tell me I did good.  telllll meeeee

This picture was taken when she wanted the camera and her big sister wouldn't give it to her.

I made some awesome cup cakes and cake for the special occasion.  She wanted Powerpuff Girls.  She wanted Blossom so I made it happen.  Yes, that is fondant.  (I will show you how I did it in a different post)

I made a beautiful program with her picture.  

I called people ahead of time to fill the fount, play music, participate in the program, conduct, and help with the food.  The girls and I prepared a cute musical number.  I thought I did everything I could.  

The wonderful day came.  You got it not that many people showed up.  Just enough Priesthood holders (3) was there to able to the baptism.  Only the people I asked to help showed up.  That following Sunday I got a lot of apologies about not being able to come.  They seem all to not know about it or forgotten about it.

I realized that my husband prayed really hard so no one will shows up. (He is an introvert.  That is all that needs to be said.)

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