Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Disclaimer: Just like to let people now that this is not about you. If you think it is than you are vain and the world doesn't revolves around you. Oh maybe somethings are about you, but I write my blog for entertainment and for a good laugh. Please enjoy. Don't get offended.

If you know me, than you know that I am an open book. There is nothing that you don't know about me, well maybe one or two things. Usually I don't have secrets and I don't like keeping them. I will tell you my age, my weight, my bust size and if I am wearing spanx or not. Of course there are some things I don't divulge (that's a fancy word for reveal or tell), because it is my business. Like my sex life (which is great).

There was one time I thought I had to keep a secret. I was pregnant with my third baby and I really wanted a boy. Well, the ultrasound said otherwise. Another girl and I know the comments I will get.
"Oh, what a shame, you should try for that boy."
"Another girl, man I feel for you."
"Ohhh, your poor husband."

Yes, I wanted a boy, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't love or want my daughter any less. I knew I was very emotional at the time and I just didn't need to hear those comments, so we decided to keep it a secret. The only problem was my first two girls were in the room when we found out and some people grilled them for the information. I also felt there were certain people I wanted to tell. The ones that wouldn't make those comments, bad idea. All in all it wasn't a good kept secret. It was a waste of time and energy. Also, I had other issues where people wanted to guess the sex of the baby and make rude comments with that.

Like, "I think you are having a boy because you are so wide on the sides." This is while rubbing my belly. or "You are having a boy because you don't want to look good."

This time I told everyone that I was having another girl. Yes, that makes four girls. Of course I got those comments, but I didn't care anymore.

These are the comments I got from people, and what I wanted to say to them.

"Ohhhh, your poor husband." or Just say to my husband. "Sorry, man." ----- He is just glad he doesn't have to teach anyone to pee or talk to them about sex.

"You got to try for that boy." ------ I don't gots to do anything, you try for that boy. Let me know how it feels being pregnant for nine months and having to recover from another c-section. Insensitive boob.

"I'm sorry, Man another girl." ---- I'm sorry you were ever born.

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Someone the other day commented that if you have a secret don't tell Savin. That kinda hurt my feelings, but it's true. Just to let everyone know that I can keep a secret, too. There are precious and available information that I have kept to myself. You just don't know, because I don't tell you. So there.

There has been a lot of secrets lately that have stressed me out. Maybe it was better if I didn't know, but I would be really hurt if I was never told anything either. If your secret effects any fraction of my life please let me know. On the other hand if your secret doesn't have anything to do with me or you don't need some advice from me please free to keep it to yourself. If you are my sister and you are planning to move across the country please inform me of that as well. I think that effects a part of my life.

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You can keep secrets. I know that first hand. And your baby is cute. That is all.