Thursday, March 16, 2017

"Beauty and the Beast" in Cambodia, a Review

We go to the movies more here in Cambodia than in the States.  You might ask, "Why"?  First it is only $3 per/person, and secondly, it is one way I can get the kids out of the house.  It is always a fun experience to go to the movies.  Not only do they have popcorn, they have corn in a cup.  They even have different flavored popcorn, Carmel, Seaweed, Salted, and Cheese.  I want to warn you to not get the cheese, if you love cheese from the States or England, or France, don't get it here.  Actually don't get anything with cheese flavored here in Cambodia.  You will be extremely disappointed.  Yes, the prices are inflated (Popcorn are $3 for a large compare to $1 for large bag at a down stairs).

The staff are amazing and they do all they can to please you.  They have different uniform on different days and different if there is a holiday.  They have suits and business wear and traditional attire.  I love it when they dress in traditional Cambodian attire.

They only open the doors a few minutes before the show starts and you buy tickets for your seat.  The seats are numbered and you get to pick your assigned seat, just like the airplane.  It works so much better when there is big audience.  I wish the States would do that.  That way people get to sit next to each other even when you are a little late and you don't have to wait half an hour before the movie starts.

Today we went to see "Beauty and the Beast", and if I am right, I got to see it before you guys in the States.  Hahaha In your face. lol  Although, if I am not right, you got to see it before me and I don't care.  :)

First let me tell you that I was not super excited about this movie.  I mean I love Emma Watson and Disney, but I don't enjoy remakes.  I am more excited to see Guardian of the Galaxy Vol 2.  Oh, I can't wait for it.  Like, I said the movies is a way for me to get the kids out of the house and I was craving caramel popcorn.  

We usually sit in row K, but that was taken so we got row L.  K was already close enough, but most of the good seating behind row K was taken.  There were lots of teenagers, still in their school uniform, watching this movie.  I think they all skipped school to go see it.  It was at 2:25PM, and school is not out until 4:30PM.  Being in row L, the movie was really in your face.  


Let me start by saying that Disney did a wonderful job, and loved it in row L.  I am so happy I went to see it at the theaters.  The experience was so much better than watching at home a year later, because that is what I would have done in the States.  I mean for all six of us to go to the movies back home would be over $60, and we spent $18 here.

Most of the movie was just like the Disney animated version, and they explained many questions that you might have, such as; why people in the town don't know about a princess and a castle near by and why is winter near the castle and summer in the town, why the the servants were being punished, too?  The movie is 2 hours and 9 minutes compared to the animated 1 hour and 30 minutes, and you felt that they used all those minutes effectively.  They had more time to develop some of the characters which was amazing.  I got chills when the whole town was singing and I wanted to cry when you think you should cry.  The casts were amazing and costume and scenery were beautiful.  They did have a few extra songs in there that was not in the original, but they were very well done.  Everyone should go see it.

The only thing I had a problem with was that I don't think the Cambodian movie theater's projector was advance enough to show all the awesome 3D effects (Did I tell? Most of the movies they show are 3D, they don't give you an option to watch it regular screen.).  Usually, I don't pick the 3D version, because it use to make me dizzy and the 3D version in the States are more expensive.  Haha Now you know I am cheap.   Well, some of the parts were really blurry, because of the 3D effect.  I would love to see the 3D effects in better quality.  

It was OK, because the Khmer (Cambodians) audience made up for it.  There might be a part that is a little funny, but they would laugh so hard at it, which makes me laugh too. (Mostly I am laughing at them laughing.)  *spoiler* When the Beast turned human, there was a big, "OOOOHhhhhh" and the lots of girls giggling and commenting.  Also, lots of comments about how Gaston deserved to fall to his death.  It added to the movie.  Loved the people here.  Although it could also get annoying.  When we went to watch "Sing".  There was this girl with the most annoying laugh and she made loud comments all the time.   That did not add to the movie.  I almost turned around, but that wouldn't helped the situation.

Just for your information the movie was in English and there were Khmer subtitles.  Most of the Khmer kids speak or are learning English in school.  Maybe their teacher encourage them to go see the movie.  You don't see many older Khmer viewers or small children at the movies.  

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