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Angkor Wat and Siem Reap

Hey YOu Guyyyyys,
I just realized that I never posted anything about Angkor Wat, the biggest reason people visit Cambodia.  As one of the wonder of the worlds, it should be on your bucket list.  Angkor is located in Siem Reap (comparable to Orlando).

After my last post, I asked the kids what have they learned here in Cambodia.  Apparently, they learned quite a lot of things that I didn't even remember.  Those kids are smart.  Our trip to Siem Reap was very eventful and action packed.  Be prepare, I have lots of pictures.  Before we go through all the pictures let me explain how this town is set up.  There are two big sections people visit.  Angkor Wat, which one temple but the biggest temple.  Then there is Angkor Thom (Thom means big), which is a big section which consists of lots of different temples.  There are also smaller temples outside of these area.

It was so hot that someone decided they need an umbrella to hide from the sun.  Our first stop was the famous Angkor Wat.  This is the outside of it, you can see it in the distance.  The water behind us is a big moat.

Another view of the moat.  I believe they are making another bridge, that is in the background to get to the main part of Angkor Wat.  The main entrance is falling apart.  It didn't look this bad when I came here last in 2008.

First entrance of Angkor Wat.  We haven't gone in yet.  Haha, just taking pictures of the view.

Inside the first entrance.  The main part and tower of Angkor Wat is behind us.

Inside the temple.

There were so many compartments/doors.  They all look like picture frames.  There are so many cravings on the walls.  Beautiful cravings that are done with so much care and talent.

Taking a picture of my hubby taking a picture.

There was this wall of cravings that told the story of a war.  It went a long ways.

It also wrapped around to the other side.  The sign says "Do not touch" the cravings.  There was a part that was touched many times and it has a shining darker texture.  The girls thought is was prettier that way.  

On our way out.  This is the popular picture opportunity.

It is a great spot to take a picture of the temple.

A very pretty picture indeed.

We went on the Angkor Thom.  

They also had great cravings that told many stories.  It tells of happy times and plant that they smoked. (They call it medicine, but I think it was week.  I did over hear the tour guide saying weed, but another said it was medicine.  Same thing, right?  Side note: Cambodian also say liquor with special bark/roots medicine.)

Taking a break in the shade.

A different temple in Angkor Thom.

Some local boys.

We felt a little crazy.

Batay Srey (Women Temple)

At Ta Prohm (Ta means grandpa), where all the trees are growing around all the temple.

We also went to the Phnom Kulen (Mountain Kulen), a two hour drive from Siem Reap.

It was a nice hike to get to this waterfall.  The water is very clear, but the sand is making it look darker.

There was also a great night life in Siem Reap but I didn't get any pictures.  I even tried a fish foot massage or exfoliate.  There are lots vendors and a great place to get a souvenirs, as long as you want to haggle and be ready to walk away when you think it is too much.  They will always run after you.  It was weird, but they never thought I spoke any Khmer and always try to talk to me in English when I was with my hubby.  A couple times I only talked in English to see how they treat foreigners.  It depends on the vendors.  I got really nice treatment, but also got lied to.  I only know they lied because they said some stuff in Khmer not think I understood. That was fun times.

When I was getting a foot massage and the girls were at the hotel, hubby decided to walk the market by himself.  Well, he got a different side of Cambodia.  The single guy in a 3rd world country experience.  Fun Facts: Tuk Tuk drivers are also pimps, and drug dealers.

I think our favorite place to go in Siem Reap was the silk farm.  I ran out of batteries on my phone so I didn't get any pictures, but look it up.
The girls really love it.  The silk was really expensive, but when you see how it was done then you understand why it would cost that much.  So pretty.  Scarves can run $30 to over $100 depending on how it was woven.

Accommodations were more expensive then Battambang and it wasn't even as nice.  Other than that we loved it in Siem Reap.  If you get a chance go and spend a few days there.  If you don't have little kids I would suggest 4 to 5 days.  You should go soon before it falls apart.  They have built wooden walkways and steps so you don't walk on the stones anymore and wear it done.  

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