Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Blue is the Color that I am...

I have been down on myself lately. Moving from a size 6-8 to a size 12 is not a goal I want to reach. I don't feel beautiful or sexy. Don't patronize me by saying I just had a baby, and I will be back to my size 6 soon. I don't want to be mean, but I already know that. One thing that some of you might not have known is how hard it was for me to get to that size 6. The pain and sweat and starvation (well not really starve, but it was hard to give up stuff and controlling my eating habits), and it took me 3 years. * Oh stop trying to make me feel better.*

Sometimes I feel like I am not doing anything important... yes yes we all know that raising children is important. I just feel I need to be doing something more... I feel I am missing something. Maybe I am destine to do more. I just don't know what that is.
Yes, yes I know I am talented. *Stop laughing.* I just don't know what direction I should go.

Since I don't want to be blue... maybe I should be a shade of green... I do love green. Does that mean envy? Well, I don't want to be a shade that is envy... I want to be a shade of green that is joy.

Let's make a list of my good attributes.
- When I want to do something, I find a way and I do it. I learned to crochet hats on youtube.
- Super pretty even if I am overweight.
- I have awesome hair when I fix it.
- I can dance better than most people.
- I am pretty good at tons of things, but not awesome at one thing. *oh I think that might be a negative.
- I am good at making friends.
- I am good at telling which people will make good friends.
- I am super funny. SUPER *Stop laughing... I am to funny*
- I am good at making girl babies.
- I am good at math. I love algebra.
- Sometimes thinks that I am Beyonce and start sing and dancing to her music in public. Then I realize people are looking and I stop.
- Always cheers for the underdog.
- Love to spend money. Oh wait I don't think that is not a good attribute.
- IS HIGH CLASS. (Didn't I tell you to stop laughing.)
- Just started learning to read. Well I already knew how to read, it was that I never did until recently.
- Always optimistic. (Unfortunately, this can be bad, because I fall hard when people let me down.)
- Love to improve myself. I always find ways to make me a better person. For example: learning new things, reading interesting books or learning how becoming a great mother.
- Like to impress other people.

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Bill Blimes said...

Savin, you are AWESOME. I know that I am only your mother-in-law but I want you to know how much I think of you and how talented and special you are to our family and to your Heavenly Father. My son is fortunate to have you for a helpmate, eternal wife, friend and lover. My grandchildren are also lucky to have you for an eternal mother, friend and advocate. I know that there is nothing you would not do for your family and your parents. Your sweet girls will only be little for a short time. Find something whenever you can to enjoy about their innocent little selves and find some time for your sweet self too.