Tuesday, February 9, 2010

As the World Turns

I am going to do a run down of what we have been up to. It has been so busy with the new baby that it is really hard for me to have time to do anything. I like to write really inspirational and funny pieces for my blog, but I haven't gotten any opportunity to be able to do them when I think of them. So this is what I got and I hope you like it.

Thanksgiving was quiet. We spent it with just us. We invited Grandma and Grandpa Chea to our dinner. Grandma Chea came but she only ate the rolls and then she wanted the recipe for it. Just eaten at her friends house, she wasn't really hungry. Grandpa Chea ate there too so he decided to skip our house. Grandma Chea did come back the next day for some leftover pecan pie. It was a good thing for her I didn't eat it all.

Turkey Bacon (That sounds like healthy bacon, but it was fattening turkey.)

Ahhh... Nysa. She use to like taking pictures, but recently she doesn't like the flash. She don't want to take anymore pictures unless she gets to close her eyes.

Nysa made these flowers. She is so talented.

Kaya and her Christmas presents. They loved making the mess.

As everyone was enjoying their Christmas present, mommy dozed off.

Grandma Chea shaved Rayna's head (she says it will grow faster), so I needed hats. Unfortunately, all the hats I like were too expensive. As a result I learned to crochet... I learned from YouTube... you can learn anything on YouTube.

Below I tried to do some artistic pictures of Rayna... I am not very good. Enjoy...

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