Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Woooo where is that water coming from?

Disclaimer: If you don't want to know what happens when a baby is born please don't read this.

October 7th 2009 - 37 weeks pregnant
"Wow my belly hurts, I think I need to go #2. It doesn't hurt that bad yet, I can wait a 2 couple of hours. I am so tired. Wait, maybe I have to go pee. Man I hate being pregnant and having to go pee all the time. I wish this baby will come already." I go to the restroom and pee, but I have liquid coming from a different hole.

"Oh, well it was nothing. Back to bed, I am so tired." I couldn't get to bed, my belly still hurts once in a while (every 3- 5minutes). Just to let you know that I had two babies already and I have never went to labor. At least, I didn't know if I ever had a contraction. I had c-sections on both and never went to labor.
"Wooo what is this liquid coming out?" It was only a little so I went to the restroom, still thinking it was nothing, but getting suspicious. I go wake up Chad, my husband, and tell him of my experience and I was going crawl back in bed with him when it happened. Yes, the liquid was streaming down my leg. My water broke. We called the doctor and she told us to go to the hospital. I wasn't even packed or anything. I grabbed a few things, took a shower, called my mom to watch the girls and I was on my way. I put on a maxi pad to catch the liquid, because it was still occasionally dripping out. Unfortunately, the maxi pad didn't helped because I was dripping in the elevator and all the way to my room in the hospital.

We got to the hospital at 7:00AM, but they told us we need to wait until 10:00AM before I can get my c-section. (Yes, I had to have the c-section, because I had it with my other two. It would be dangerous to have it naturally.) Someone was already schedule for a c-section at 8:30AM so I would have to wait. The contractions didn't get too bad and I went in the operating room at 10:10AM and they got the baby out at 10:57AM.
Chad saw way more than he wanted to see this time. They asked him to get really to take the picture when they get the baby out. He looked at the nurse like she was crazy. He wasn't going to go over the curtain, his job was to hold the baby after they clean her off. He still got an eye full. I think he will be scarred for life.
I am still happy and drugged up.

Rayna Alexie Blimes

October 7th 2009

7lbs 3ozes

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Bill Blimes said...

I am still laughing. This is so funny. The only time my water broke was when Chad was born and I am sure he does not remember it. Bill had to drive me to the hospital while I sat on a blanket and got the seat all wet. It was many years ago but I still remember who it felt to have that water running down my leg. Sylvia