Sunday, September 27, 2009


Well, I didn't do it. (Going to the stores and trying out the exercise machines.) I did join a gym for $10 a month, and I hurt my tailbone from a spin class. A couple days later I slipped and fell on my bum. Needless to say it hurt, alot. I could sit on my bum or lie on my belly. It was not a happy month. I have been doing better, but now I am in my last month of the pregnancy and I have more problems. People ask how I am doing, but what is the point of telling them... when it is going to take an hour to explain everything. So I just say fine. Well, enough of me complaining.

My husband has been a treasure... he even rubbed my back last night until I fell asleep.

Kaya started school this pass month and it has been a roller coaster. She loves it, but it takes alot out of her and she is getting a little cranky at times. Nysa loves being in preschool, but it's like pulling teeth to get her out the door. There is a primary program coming up on October 18th and the teachers helped them write there own parts and it is the cutest. Hopefully I will get to be there for it. I feel this baby is going to be early or maybe I just want it to be early.

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