Thursday, November 26, 2009

Introducing Rayna Alexie Blimes

Rayna Alexie Blimes
October 7, 2009
7lbs 3ozes
She came out screaming and wanted to go back in.

She is so cute I could eat her up.

My Little Froggy
The foot is at just the right spot.


"My finger needs a lick."

My friend Kim Townsend did this pictures for me. Kim usually charge lots of money for this 4 hour sessions, but I am doing some work for her in exchange for these pictures. Rayna is six weeks old in these pictures.


Anonymous said...

Very very cute baby girl! And awesome pictures. don't ya love having talented friends? Thanks for telling me about this post. And I just invited you to my blog.

Bill Blimes said...

You and Chad make beautiful baby girls.