Friday, July 31, 2009

Do I Dare

Okay I went to the doctors Monday and I gained 6lbs since my last visit. If I keep this up I will not keep it within the 25lbs I was shooting for. I haven't been overeating or anything... just not as much active as I was. My doctor, I love her she is so funny. I told her I have been trying to get up early to walk, but that is easier said than done. I am so tired. It is too hot to go walking any other time. Suggested that I use the elliptical... but alas I can't afford a gym membership at this moment in time.

Dr. Slade, "Well, you can just go to a sporting goods store and try out their machines. Just go to different ones each time tell them you are trying it out. They won't kick out a pregnant woman."

That sounded like a good idea... the only problem is what am I going to do with my children. I can't just leave them with my mom and tell her I am going to workout at a sporting goods store. My mom is not so open minded. Then I think that both of my girls start school in a few weeks. I can go while they are in school. Do I dare? I will keep you updated and I will take pictures. I could go to gyms and do a trial week or day... but that is not as funny.

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Anonymous said...

25 pounds! Good for you! I gained 38 with Tay, 60 with the twins and a little over 50 this time. I can't imagine only gaining 25 pounds. You are very lucky!