Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Girls... so much drama and so much emotions.
Kaya have been very emotional since she was born. As a baby, when she hear anyone cry she would cry. She feel bad when anyone feels bad.
Kaya comes in with her eyes watery red.
"Mommy, I don't like it when Nysa cry, because then I cry."
Me, "Well, maybe you shouldn't have made her cry by taking the toy she was playing with."
Kaya, "Well it makes me sad she is crying."
Kayla (babysitter) was playing playdoh with Kaya and Nysa.
Kaya drops some playdoh.
Nysa: "Stupid playdoh."
Kayla: "Yeah, stupid playdoh."
Kaya: "My playdoh is not stupid" and then she breaks down and starts crying.
I was having one on my hormonal day and I wasn't feeling really good. Kaya felt or knew there was something wrong with mommy. She kept coming over and giving me hugs. In my hormonal state I told her to keep her distance. She kept her distance, but kept looking at me trying to figure out a way to make me happy. She would peak around the corner and look at me with the sweetest concern and worry. That is my Kaya or so I thought.
This morning they found my body pillow unattended. When they couldn't figure out a way to share it Kaya brings it in... this way no one gets to play with it, because it belongs to Mommy. Well, instead I told Kaya that Nysa can play with it. Kaya starts hyperventilating, her nose start flaring... she looks like Drew Barrymore in the Firestarter when she is about to make a big fireball. I told to count to ten, but she started hitting the bed. I told her to go to her room to calm down. She said, "NO" Well, it is go to room or count to ten... she stormed to her room. Five minutes later she was watching tv and playing with Nysa like nothing had happened.

Kaya is starting school next month and she will be gone most of the day. I am going to miss her. She is my little helper. Although she is getting bored with me and she wants to explore the world. I think I will have a tougher time then she will with this Kindergarden thing. I look at pictures of her as a baby and toddler... and I can't believe she has grown up so much. Today Kindergarden tomorrow the world.

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