Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Cambodian Wedding

A couple decades ago a Cambodian wedding last 3 days. Now, they shorten it to a day and a night. The first night they have monks chant, I don't know why but they do. The second day there is a parade of gifts where the groom comes with gifts to the bride. They have a skit about if they should let him or not. Then the hair cutting cermony which also has a skit with the god and goddess who comes down to prepare the groom and bride. Later, the do the wrist tying cermony which ties them together. There are a few more cermonies but that is when it gets complicated. Last we have the reception. During the whole day they feed us breakfast, lunch and dinner. YUM

The clothes... the food... I wished I wasn't in a bad mood that day.

I guess they were trying to protect me and they thought they knew what was best for me. I felt they were treating me like a child. The seamstress didn't think I knew what I wanted and people would get so worried when I took two steps away.

The wedding party.

Everyone takes gets to take pictures with the bride and groom. Me, my aunt Lim Mouy, and my mom Vath, and my cousin Lay Pich Teang. (These are all first names... you might ask whymy mom name is short. When we came to the country to make it easy for the forms we shorten our names. Mine is the same, but my dad, mom and brothers were shorten.)

Morning meal.

The family of both the groom and bride.

(You can make your own caption for this picture.)

During the reception they celebrate it like New Years right before the Groom and Bride cuts the cake. Streamers and confetti everywhere. The poor wedding party... :)

Cheers ( they do this everytime they take a drink, most of the time)

Vicna(my cousin), me and a distant cousin (I don't remember her name)

Kim and Paris (Yes, English or French names)

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sblimes said...

You look absolutely beautiful in both those lovely gowns. Thanks for sharing the beautiful wedding pictures.