Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What changed my mind.

I wasn't impressed yet...

When I started looking deeper into Cambodia I soon found that first impressions are not always right. I was just impressed by the traffic. There were rules, but people do whatever they want anyways. If you got pulled over by a cop... you would try to bargain yourself out of it. The whole thing was mess and yet I didn't see any road rage. There were alot of defensive driving. The only stories I heard about traffic deaths involved foreigners. Most accidents were very minor, because they drive around 15-20 mph or slower.

I like to describe Phnom Phen as a New York in the 1940s, except it has modern technology. It is very lively and happening. The streets are dirty, but they accept it. People are up at 7am and off enjoying the world. Most resturants are packed for breakfast and will close by 11am. They might be open for drinks and dessert in the evening. There are vendors everywhere you go. I love it... food on the side of the road... you just need to be careful what you eat. (Sorry I didn't take any pictures of that... I was on a motorcycle most of the time and when we did stop I never remember to take a picture. My stomach was doing all the think then. Also I was too busy experiencing everything.)

After shopping, enjoying exciting new foods we were on our way to my grandfather's farm. It took us about 1hour and a half. The trip were spectacular. I believe I posted most of my pictures of that trip.

After, our visit to Odong and my mom's side of the family we were off back to Phnom Phen. Here You's wedding was that weekend.

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