Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Just a taste

Eating a spider (Not just a taste, but I ate the whole thing.)
Ankgor Wat (small)

Prasat Bantey Srei (Lady's fortress or temple)

Ankgor Thom (Big Ankgor)

Sorry, but posting and writing here will take me too long. So I am just posting a few pictures and when I get home I will write more in detail. I am loving and missing everyone, but I am also having fun here and learning a lot. Stuff that is very intriguing. (Is that how you spell that?)


sblimes said...

Keep the pictures coming. It is all so interesting. You are a brave woman to go there and eat spiders. We miss you and are looking forward to hearing your stories when you get home.

Annette said...

The spider was quite the topic of conversation around our house this week!

sblimes said...

Thank you your views of things in Cambodia. I clicked on one of your ads from and saw some amazing pictures of Cambodia and
temple ares. They were fantastic. If you get the chance I suggest that you look at them.