Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wat (Temple) Day

The second day in the country. My mom is getting tired, but she wants or need to get this done. People is always swarming around her.
Before I forget... they made a soup with ants... I ate some. They were sour. I only had one spoonful. I couldn't do it anymore. They were laughing at me.

Here are the ants they live in trees not on the ground.
My mom wanted to give something to the villagers and she couldn't give everyone money, so she decided to buy them dinner. She got the family who make noddles for a living to make enough for the whole village.

Making the noodles. It took them all day. From 5 am to 6 pm. They made 3 big basket and none were left. I didn't believe that they ate it all.

Ways to carry your baby.

People thanking my mom.

Noddle eaters.

More noddle eaters.

Lady and her kids making a mat.
My grandfathers house and rice field. It won't be ready for a couple more months.

In the Buddha Temple... there so many of these in the country. I guess like churches, but they believe in the same thing.

Grandpa and mom.

Outside the temple.


sblimes said...

Thanks for posting your pictures and telling us about your adventures. It is so interesting to see the people as well as the country. Hope you have a wonderful time.

Annette said...

I love your photographs, especially the village with noodles. Did you sleep in the treehouse?

Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun trip! You look AWESOME!! Congrats on the weight loss!!

chad said...

Do they have the take-out boxes over there, for the people who just want to stop by and pick up some noodles for later?

savin said...

I didn't sleep in the tree house that didn't have a fan. There was none leftover for takeout, but I guess you can order it to go the next day.