Saturday, November 15, 2008

I'm Back and Tired

Good Bye Cambodia... we'll see you again soon.

Yes, I am home and very tired. I started my trip at Thursday November 13th 12noon EST and got to Jacksonville Friday November 15th 12midnight EST. I'm tired... of the plane trip and the time difference. There is a 12 hour difference between here and Cambodia if it is 8AM here it is 8PM there. It took me a few days to adjust when I got there and so it will probably take me that long to adjust back.

Sreamp Lea (Good bye)
Wax Apsara

My favorite picture during the whole trip. I am standing on a temple and in the background you can see the Ankgor Wat. It took me 15 minutes to climb up there. You can ride an elephant, but it cost $20 per person. I rather walk and enjoy the exercise.

Do we know that dancer?

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