Thursday, November 20, 2008

First Impressions

I flew into Phnom Phen, Cambodia at midnight their time. First the attendants at the counter always ask for money before they give your passport back after checking it. The cadie expect and ask for outrageous tips. More than what we give here in the States.

After we escaped the money hungry airport workers we met 3 male family members. All my cousins on my dad side; Here You, Here Phean, and Here Keang (here means cousin in Chinese) My dad's family has a Chinese heritage. You have to use these titles when you talk to and about them. In Cambodia, like on my mom's side I use Bong. There are different ways you say aunt if they are older than my dad and different ways to say it if she is younger than my dad. I had one of each. There are also different ways to call your female cousins and younger cousins. Good thing they were all older than me. Complicated huh... I know... tell me about it. I am still trying to get it all right.

The rodes in Phnom Phen is not pretty at midnight. It's dirty, smelly and quiet. Apparently, they throw all their garbage on the streets, not in bags or cans, and early in the morning the trash truck comes picks it all up. They don't have trash cans everywhere you go... so when you are done with whatever you just throw it on the ground. They are trying to get the place cleaned up. While I was there during the Water Festival, they had a skit about keeping there country clean.

This is the alley where Here You lives. These are all very nice townhouses. It cost him about $280 to rent per month. His townhouse is three stories and it has air conditioning in two rooms and western bathroom on the third floor. As you can see there are Buddhist Shines in front of most of the homes. Buddhism is a way of life there.

A quarter of the population have a business in their home. This lady has a salon in her living room. Most people sell convenient items in their home. You don't need a convenient store. The homes on busy streets are more expensive.

Traffic near a market.

The first thing we needed to was go to get measured for dresses for the wedding, Here You's wedding. It was going to be that weekend.

Silk being sold. It's a mess. There are no JoAnns... everyone has there own business.

The seamtress and Here Phen's daughter. We borrowed her fathers car so she says she needs to go where her car goes. She is the same age as Kaya, and she is the cutest girl. The seamtress and the fabric are in the same market, Spseah Oasey (I don't know how to spell it.)

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sblimes said...

The fabrics are gorgeous. I love your stories, please keep them coming.