Sunday, October 12, 2008

Kaya and Soccer

Yes, I am telling you the truth Kaya plays soccer. After watching Dora the Explorer many times, Kaya informed me that she wants to be soccer player when she grows up. Well, we will put you in soccer as soon as they allow it. We signed her up for the YMCA league. She practiced at home and I might say she did pretty good. That was at home, when we got to the field with other people it was another matter.

Kaya on her very first day.

Practice went very well. She did really good. The only thing wrong was that she was a little more shy than at home. When she started the game she ran away from the ball. Can you blame her those other kids were kicking at the play? And you remember that Kaya is the nice one and let other people have their way. If they wanted the ball she was going to let them have it. (Yes, that is me standing on the soccer ball... I was assistant coach.)

Kaya spent most of her time watching the parents and biting her nails. One time her and another player, Sally, was fixing each others hair. lol Oh, she did run after the ball and I don't want to brag, but for a 4 year old who never played on a team before she did pretty good at following the ball. Like I said she didn't touch the ball most of the time.

This was just a bunch of 4-6 year olds so most of them ran to their mommy's when they fell down, walked off the field when they were tired, refuse to go back out because it was too hot, and we had one kid who cried when we didn't make the goal. So all in all she did pretty good. She didn' t cry when she fell and she always went in when we needed her to.

This was a kick-off and this was the only goal she made, but isn't she cute.

We might just sign-up for next season.

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sblimes said...

What great pictures your new camera takes. The girls look beautiful as does their mommy. Glad that Kaya likes to play even if she is not real aggressive. The world needs peacemakers too. Sylvia