Sunday, October 12, 2008

It is getting close...

It is so close to my trip... I don't think I am ready.

My mom has been packing for two months now and I have not done a thing except buy the tickets. Oh my mom pitch in some money for new camera and I got the pink casio exilim. I love it. They just came with a new model so this model, ex-z80 are on sale. LOVE IT.

Here are some pictures we took with it. And no I did not take any pictures of my thumb. Although it is getting better. Chad said I should have made a time-laps film. (like when the nature channel have plants growing) The skin is growing nicely, and it is amazing how it knows to grow it's own way. I mean I thought all of it was going to grow the same, but it hasn't.

Nysa and Chad... Chad is testing out the camera.

Eleanor, Kaya, and Nysa (playing at the park with friends)

Here they are with Andrew who only cares about his chips.

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