Monday, October 13, 2008


For Family Home Evening we decided to make worms in dirt and mud for a treat. Well, for dramatic effect dad got the worms in a brown paper bag and told the girls that they were real. We were making dirt so the worms will have a home. The whole time Kaya wanted to see the worms. When we finished making the dirt and mud daddy got the bag out and showed it to the girls. Well, they knew that it was not real. So daddy gave them the bag to take out the worms to put in the mud. Not Kaya or Nysa would do it. Chad finally took one out and put it in the mixer. Both, now wanted to take the worms out of the bag. While Nysa was looking in the bag to take one out, Kaya went to reach her hand in, but then screamed a little and ran across the room. LOL You should see her run. She said one of the gummy worms moved and she saw it's head and mouth. LOL

Nysa playing with her worm...Kaya as you can see was very cautious.
She held it, but very cautiously.

She ate one put very cautiously.

Nysa enjoyed hers.

She had some dirt, too.

Kaya finally enjoyed her worm and dirt.

Ha Ha Ha Kids are fun.

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