Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ode to Savin' the Day - Daycare

Ode to Savin' the Day - Daycare
It took a while to start... the classes, the background checks, and getting the kids.
Some say I could not do it and it was too hard. I once thought that the people who watched
other people's kids have a special talent. I never thought I had that talent or desire.
Until I knew this was what I had to do and I attained the desire and somehow I develop
the talent. Through time the desire have shifted when my children express the undesire
for the daycare. Kaya prayed that the kids would not come anymore and I knew
it was time to move on to something else. (Kaya use to love the kids coming.)

Holloween (Nysa, Andy, Kaya, Neah, and Ugly Betty)

This is the last week for that my license will be active. I was really excited, because it took a lot out of me and my own kids. Now, I feel a little sadness. In the beginning there was only two, then we decided to be a little picky. No infants and no kids after 6PM. Then I got a new batch.

Kaya and Lily (Lily goes to pre-school with Kaya now and they are bestfriends)

Jaylen, Nysa, Kaya, Nyla, and DeAsia

I only have one more kid left, DeAsia. She will leave in October. I can only watch one family's kids without a license. I will miss them all, but DeAsia I will miss the most. She ate the most, slept the most, and danced the most. She has learned to go to the potty, eat by herself, the timeout chair, and that Ms Savin will not give her juice. She just started talking and calls me "mommy" and refuse to call me anything else, sometimes she calls me "daddy".

To all the kids who come and gone. To the drop ins and the regulars. I will miss you all, but I will not miss your parents. lol

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