Tuesday, September 9, 2008

No Pattern

So I said I was going to post pictures of what I make and here they are. I made a sling for Cynthia, a new mom, for a present, but I don't have a picture of that yet. This is of the one I made for my sister, because her 20month old likes to be carried. I made it without a pattern and it was too small, so I had to make her a new one. I hope the one I made for Cynthia fits. This is the revise one. If she had a infant it might have been okay.

Andrew and Satha (size 261/2" pouch sling, I measured her for a 25")

I also made a dress for the girls, but again I didn't have a pattern and it was too big. I think I know someone that it will fit. white little girls dress with pink polka dots waist ban and ruffle sleeve (maybe size 7-8 in girls)

You might ask... "Hey stupid girl, why don't you use a pattern? It might turn out better." Well to that I say... I don't want to. It take too long. I mean ironing it already takes forever and it if you want it to look good you need to iron it. All the pinning and cutting... when it comes down to it I think there are faster ways to do things. How am I going to learn anything if I do what people tell me to do and not experience it for myself. And did I say it takes too long.

I will post a picture of Cynthia's when I get it to her and take a picture.

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The Martinez Family said...

Wow! Look how talented you've become. A wife, mother, daycare provider, seamstress and blogger! Geesh! You put the rest of us to shame:)