Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Why I started Blogging...

I thought bloggers were weird.
I never wanted to blog.
Never say never... someone told me that.
My friend told me she blogged...
She is weird. My friend Heather Sprague.

Then she told me, that I should blog.
Why? I asked. That is weird.
"Well, you are going to Cambodia, and
you should write about it."
Yes, I am going to Cambodia in October.
I was going to bring a journal and write about it.

Weird Heather says, "That's good for you,
But how about the rest of us
We want to know, how cool it is.
We want to experience Cambodia, too."

Well Weird Heather didn't say it in those words,
But that was what she meant.
Reluctantly, I start being weird.
I might say, I kinda like it.

Hi, my name is Weird Savin.
I enjoy blogging.
Please come join the weirdness.

1 comment:

Heather said...

Hi! Weird Heather here. Glad to be of service. Now we all get to see Cambodia, without sneaking into Savin's room to peek in her journal. And I get to see you guys and still feel like a part of the action, no matter how far away I roam. Weird is good!