Friday, March 10, 2017

How's it Going (Christmas time)

It has been getting a little boring since Thanksgiving.  Nothing really to talk about for Christmas.  It was hard trying to get Santa to come and his gifts are not as great as usual.  We did love all our gifts.  It didn't really seem like Christmas except for some decorations at the Mall and Movie Theater.

Ok, I have been looking through all the pictures and it was not as boring as I thought.  Haha

We did celebrate Dad's Birthday on Dec. 16th.  Cakes are not as good here or not the same.  
(Note: You will see in lots of the photos that #3 does not like taking photos.  We usually have to make her, but sometimes we just give up.  It should be a game for you to see where she is and what is she doing?  It should be a pretty fun game.)

We did get a chance to go to a beautiful wedding in December.  We had a wonderful time, it was very hot and we were sweating plenty.  The Bride (the girls' Khmer tutor) was beautiful.  There was fancy yummy food, but my girls only like the peanuts and bread.  What can you do?  They are not use to the fancy and exotic.  The best part was that we all got a chance to get all dolled up (Even Daddy).

Look!  We even got a chance to get a beautiful picture of #3.  Lots of people have commented that she is the prettiest of the 4, but she does not want to be.  Although, all my girls are beautiful.

Surprisingly, Christmas trees are hard to find here.  LOL We did find some, but we didn't like them.  They were types you can get at Walmart for $10 - $20, but here they were$30 - $60.  This gave me the perfect chance to do a #homeschool project.  What a great arts and craft project and we involved the whole family.  (Haha I like to say #homeschool to annoy my girls.  They hate it when I say it, and I say it quite a bit.  Well, we do a lot of homeschooling.  Everything counts.)

They did enjoy putting presents under the tree.  They were very proud of themselves.  Note: Number three was threaten so she can get out from behind the tree for this picture.

Enjoy some pictures we took at the Mall and Movie Theaters, where they had Christmas decorations.

On Christmas Day there was a Church service in the Cambodian Ward.  They had a program, Nativity and Performances in the Chapel.  For all my LDS friends, you know that is a big No No.

Non-Christians Cambodians do celebrate Christmas, but they celebrate it like the United States celebrate Cinco de Mayo or St Patrick's Day.  They just think it a fun time to get together and drink.   It is rather amusing. 

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