Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Thanksgiving in Battambang

You might ask, "I wonder what those Blimes are up to.  I haven't heard from them in a couple of months.  I hope they are still alive."  Well, good to say that we are doing find and still alive here in Cambodia.  Love to hear that you are worried and concern about us.  We love you, too.

Thanksgiving In Cambodia
That is right people, Khmers (Cambodians) do not celebrate Thanksgiving.  It is a United States of America holiday and people don't even know what a Turkey is around here.  They just call it a big chicken.  Haha Big Chicken... that made me laugh.  Not sure why, but it is really funny to me.  If you guys know me, you know I like to laugh at my own jokes, because I am hilarious. haha

We decided to go to Battambang (a city near Thailand border).  We heard that there was a restaurant there, Green Mango, that was serving Turkey Dinners with all the fixings.  Also, my cousin has been asking us to visit him and his family.  Let me tell you a few things about the food here.  It is great if you get a dish that is native to the Cambodia or the surrounding areas.  It is a different story when you are hungry for a dish from home.  Let's just say, it is not what we expected.  The pie was the worst.  I think that is why my loving husband have lost so much weight.  People in Cambodia seem to get western desserts all wrong.

You might say, "Savin, you make great desserts.  Why don't to find some ingredients (which would be hard and expensive but not impossible) and whip something up?"

Sorry, I don't have an oven.  If I found one I wouldn't even know how or where to hook it up.  I did come across some toaster ovens, but I haven't bought one.

Turkey Dinner

I had been disappointed with western cuisine in Cambodia before, so I got a chicken salad instead.  The chicken salad was good, but I didn't enjoy the bread as much nor the onion rings.

Our favorite place in Battambang was the hotel.  Haha that is right we enjoyed the hotel the best.  For only $30 per night per room we were very happy.  That included breakfast.  We stayed at the Classy Hotel.  I was so impressed with all the natural woodwork that covered the hotel.

Ankgor Wat

This is the highest building in Battambang at the moment.  That green tower in the distance might be taller when it is finished.

Salt water pool.  Those girls could be in here all day.

Free Breakfast buffet.  They had so much stuff.  You wouldn't even have to eat the rest of the day. LOL
This is how bad I was at taking pictures.  I didn't think about it until I finished my meal.  Noodle soup and an omelette from the omelette station.

We went to the Reservoir and had a good and lunch and ride in a boat.

We had the pleasure of picking some waterlilies .

Next we went on the Bamboo train ride.  It was fun, noisy, rocky and scary.  The train comes apart as you can see to the side.  I do have a recording of the ride on my instagram page @savinup.

Okay so I don't remember the name of this mountain.  It is the one with the Bat Caves. I guess I can look it up. (Phnom Sampeau)... Phnom means mountain.

The black clouds are actually bats.  Millions of bats and they come out and go hunt together.  Before they come out there a few scouts that find the best place to hunt that night and they all go together it is a site to see.  (I also have a video of this on my Instagram page, @savinup)

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