Tuesday, November 8, 2016

So Many Changes (Development)

The last time I was in Cambodia, it was 2008 and it was a simpler time.  Lots have changed since then.  On every corner there is construction, now.  Improvements are everywhere, at least on the main roads.  If you are not in the middle of Phnom Penh, the roads are very congested and dirty (I don't  take pictures of that).  There are vendors all along the roads that add  to the congestion.  The traffic is four to five times as much as it was in 2008.  There use to be more bikes, but now there are more motors and cars.  Traffic is crazy, no one adhere to any laws, unless they see a policeman.  They run in and out of lanes, there could be one lane, but it looks like there is 3 or 4 lanes.  Motors swerve around each other and cars, they even go up on the sidewalk to get around other vehicle.  One needs to be a defensive driver to be able to get around here.

Let's talk about the vendors.  Before most vendors would have their products in baskets or open carts  with authentic Khmer dishes, it was so endearing.   Now most vendors have metal and glass carts with snacks, but only some have authentic Khmer dishes.  About half of the vendors sell pizza and fried chicken and they don't taste good either.  I don't like seeing them.  I use to see lots of vendors everywhere, but now some place it is prohibited.   There is talk about the Minister wanting to eliminate all vendors off the roads, which would be good for traffic.  

Don't worry you can still see real Cambodia, you have to go off road.  Go down some alleys and don't just go to big stores.  I am bad at taking pictures. At first, the Hubby said this is not what I was expecting, then our tuk tuk driver had to make a detour to his house.  "Now this is what I was expecting."  It was like the king parading on the main roads and he only see the best the country has to offer, but the  poor is hidden from  him.  

Here is some of the pictures I took that I thought was cool about Cambodia.

A big neighborhood was built around this little farm.   

The Bank.  You get to sit everywhere if  you stay around more than 5 minutes.

Fish Market at Steng Mengchey.

At Wat Phnom.

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Anika said...

Glad you guys are doing well! I was just thinking of you tonight after our RS activity. We did a favorite things white elephant exchange. I went to look for you on FB & found your blog. So fun to get caught up on what you all have been doing. I know it's hard to keep up with but you will cherish these memories & pics from your adventure! And the rest of us like reading about it & living vicariously through your free spirit!