Saturday, November 12, 2016

A Day in A Life

You might ask, "Hey girl, What is a typical day like in Cambodia?"

Okay, Here we go... Try to keep up. LOL  I am a busy girl.

5:30AM - I wake up and go for a 3 mile (5 kilometers) run and 1 to 2 mile walk around the park.  I didn't work out very much when I first got here, but man I am in the swings of things now.  I am back up to 3 miles and feeling good.  I did get a little bloated when I first came.  I am loving the food and eating everything.  (Too much rice and noodles. Love my carbs.)  Although, I have learned to eat Asian portions instead of American portions and I am back down to my fighting weight.  (I plan to lose 10 more pounds while I here and hope I can keep it off when I get back to the States.)  You might think this is early, but there is many people out walking and exercising.  They just start their day earlier, they are out of the house by 7AM.

Early morning "workout", more like stretching to me.

Love this park.

6:30AM - Grab a warm freshly made soy milk or a warm "Green Smoothie", which is made with green beans (not the vegetable, more like a soybean) and coconut milk. Costs 2000 riels or 50 cents. I have been drinking more of the "Green Smoothie" now.  The vendor told me since I have been buying them she has been having more people buy them and selling out.  I think it is because they see me running and working out, they think I must know something they don't.  Women don't run here because they think their uterus will fall out.  Seriously, more than one person has told me that.

If you look closely, you can see the vendor that sells the soymilk and "Green Smoothie" (that is what I call it because I have no idea what the bean is in English) right next to the curve before the workout class.  His motor is next to the curve.  Sorry it was a bad picture.  It was dark.

7:00AM - Do a little Pilates or Yoga and then make breakfast for those little ones.  They mostly like to eat pancakes or bread with peanut butter.  I use to buy breakfast noodles down the street, but she has left to go help one of her family members run a food stand far from here.

Afterwards I go shower and get dressed... A cold shower.  There is no water heater for the house.  You can buy one to hook up to the shower, but we didn't think we needed it.  Sometimes it is nice because it is hot and we don't the wall unit air conditioner on.  It is the first initial water on your head that is the worst, just like jumping into the pool at the beginning of summer.

9:00AM - I go to the Fresh Fish Market (They sell more than just fish.  It is like a farmers market.)  I usually call a Motorcycle taxi (Cost: 2000 riels).  I usually have a guy I call, but when he isn't available I go out in the rode and usually one comes by.  I recently bought a scooter and have been learning to ride it in the Borey (Khmer for neighborhood).  Today I rode it to the market, I was so scared, but I did it.  I was so proud of myself.  Did I tell you about the traffic here?  Arghhhhh

My new to me Motor/Scooter.  It is a Honda Today.

Some Fresh ingredients from the market.  We got country chicken (farm raised), roasted peanuts, fresh pressed coconut milk, and fresh ground curry spices.  I made yummy curry that day.

I usually buy food enough for one to three days.  I also try to get a treat for the girls.  They like fried sweet potatoes or Khmer steam pastries. The vendors are super awesome, but they always want me to buy more than I need.  Well, Americans eat more meat... "here you should get the whole chicken and a kilogram of pork or beef."  Cambodians don't eat very much meat, most of their dishes are mostly vegetables and a small amount of meat.  They also only get enough for the day, because most of their income is coming in daily and also they don't have refrigerators.  We have a refrigerator but it is small.

10:00ish AM - I get home and the girls have their treats, they might save something for Daddy.  I begin homeschool with #3 and #4.  We have our good and bad days.  By this time #1 and #2 have finished their virtual classes.

11:30 AM - Get Lunch ready.

12:00 noon - Lunch

1:00 PM - Rest and maybe nap because everyone nap in Cambodia.  They actually spend Lunch time together.  Kids get out of school at 10:45 or 11:00 AM and their parents also leave work.  They go back to school and work around 1:00PM.  Kids then don't get out of school until 4:30 or 5 PM.

2:00PM - The Khmer Teacher comes and she stays until 4PM.  I would usually listen in or clean up a little around the house.  Sometimes I take a break.
The Girls and their Teacher and her Assistant (Srey Mieh and Srey Rout).

4:30PM - Get Dinner Ready

5:00PM - Dinner

5:30PM - Go to the Park - People are out working out and at the park with their kids.  Their is a type of Zumba class at the park. (Cost: 2000 riels/ class)

6:00PM - My darling Husband goes to work at this time. :) Love that he can spend most of the day with us.

7:00PM - Bedtime routine and then bed... maybe.

We do have our good and bad days.  Sometimes it goes this smooth, sometimes it doesn't.  It goes like this half of the time.  We do take breaks to go to the movies, shopping, and of course sing Karaoke.  Also we do like to make trips within the city studying the culture and history of Cambodia (#homeschool).  Sometimes we need to take a break and go to the Aeon Mall (Japanese influence Mall).  It is so fancy and I love the food court, because everyone can get what they want.  It doesn't hurt the Krispie Kreme is there.

At one of our outings.  This is at Wat Phnom and we are looking at this cool clock.  It is suppose to work but we think it broke because of all the rain.


Angela said...

I love it! I'm living vicariously, in Cambodia, through you.

Bill Blimes said...

You are adjusting well to your new life style. We miss you all and we will be happy to see you when you return to the U.S.

Jessica Navo said...

Such an awesome adventure for your family! I'm glad y'all are enjoying it

Debbie said...

Love you Savin! Thanks for the peek into your everyday. :)