Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pita and Peeta Obsession

There is this cute little produce place that is a few miles from my house that I love. Lakewood Produce have fresh produce from local farmers. They also has free roaming hen eggs and free ranging beef (I hope I am saying that all correct.) Of course not everything is local or organic. I love getting my tomatoes and cucumbers there and when I am there at the right time I love to get the pitas. A local lady makes them fresh everyday and she brings them in between 11:45am - 12:00noon. If you don't come within a couple hours of that time they are gone. They are the freshest and best pitas I have every had. Way better than the big chain grocery stores.
The last couple of times I have come to late to get any pitas, so I decided to show up at the drop off time. My youngest usually naps at that time so I haven't risked it, but she has been stay up a little bit later so I decided to try. When I showed up the parking lot was full and there were quite specticle. I was saying to myself, "Wow, what is going on? Is there a Jewish women party? " It was like a Justin Beiber concert, if Justin Beiber was adored by old Jewish women instead of young girls. I see them coming from a van with bags and bags of pita. I assume this must be the pita lady dropping off her daily fresh pitas. I reluctantly went in the store and wait for the pita lady to come in. I looked at some vegetables while I wait for her to come into the store, hoping in my heart that she will have one bag left for me. One lady in the store couldn't wait in the any longer and she ran out to get her three bags of pita from the van. After she did that I was paranoid, I asked the cashier if she was coming in. She assured me that this happens all the time and she will come in soon. I made a comment about how crazy they were, but in my heart I was ready to jump one of those old ladies if I didn't get my pitas. Fortunately, the cashier was right. I didn't have to hurt any old Jewish ladies that day.

As I sat down to my nice warm pita for lunch, I think about my other love of Peeta from the Hunger Games trilogy. The first movie will be coming out March 2012.
Disclaimer: I will be writing about these books like you have read them before. So if you haven't read them and want to read them do not read on.

Grown middle age women is looking forward to the first movie. I wonder how crazy it will be at that midnight showing. Will there be crazy women waiting at the door trying to be patient, but in their hearts they want to push everyone aside so they can be the first in line?

Hunger games.jpg

Josh Hutcherson as Peeta Mellark

My friend talked me into reading this trilogy. Yes, I blame her for my obsession for Peeta and for the depression I went through when I finished the books. First, I read all three books back to back without any interruptions. I ignored my husband, children, and any housework but that wasn't anything new. After I finish it I moped around the house in my pj's for days. (not new either) I lost 5 pounds and I think I needed to see I psychologist. (I was really happy I lost weight.) It didn't have the happy ever after ending that I was hoping for.

When they first introduced Peeta, I instantly fell in love with him. He was my Clark Kent with the Superman heart, just like my husband. I was heartbroken when Katniss didn't realize her love for him at the end of the first book. (Yes, she loved him. She just didn't understand the feelings she had for him, because they were forced to be together.) When he was captured and tortured, I held on to the idea that he was strong and he won't lose that Superman heart. Alas and sigh, poor poor Peeta, oh my Peeta what has happened to you. I cried.

It's ok Superman still lived on when he saved his Katniss. My weak Clark Kent, but my strong Superman still lived on.

This is why I can not get into the Twilight Saga.


Blimes said...

You are a very good writer. I enjoy reading your stories. You created a great picture of the produce place with the women and the pita bags. Please keep it up so I can read more.

Heather said...

I'm totally going to bring hummus and Pita to the midnight showing of Hunger Games...we'll need snacks when we show up hours ahead of time to wrestle all old Jewish ladies who have come for their Pita/Peeta. You are so stinking funny!

Bill Blimes said...

You are such a funny girl. I love your stories. Don't ever change.