Sunday, March 7, 2010

Recall... Really

One cold and lonely day... as I was putting my 4 and half month baby to bed, one of the bars of the crib fell off. Ohhhh Nooooooo Thank goodness she doesn't move very much. I rolled up a towel to put it between her and the broken side. ****Flashback****(The slate broke way back when Nysa was using it and Chad fixed it. When we put the crib back together it broke some more and Chad fixed it again, I don't know how well.) I was off to look for a used crib on Craigslist, but I saw a post about the crib recalls. Well, Why not... I crawled under the crib and found the model numbers, put it in the computer. What did you know? It is a recall. Well I read all the instruction and did what they told me to do, and voila I got a voucher for a new crib in four days. I sent it on Tuesday and got it that Friday. We went to Baby R Us right away and got Rayna a new crib. Good thing too, that bassinet part of the pack and play wasn't going to hold her any longer. Love it.

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