Sunday, March 7, 2010

Turning 6? Where did my baby go?

Yes, Yes my Kaya has turned 6. She is not a baby anymore, even if I told her she needed to stop growing when she was two. On March 2nd the day of her birth, I went to her school, took her a cupcake and tiara, and I ate lunch with her. She was so excited, and she felt so special. She should feel special, because she is.

I know she has the same birthday as Doctor Seuss, everyone at school liked tell me that.

This Saturday we had a small birthday party for her. We had a few friends over, had really yummy food and had some fun games.

This cake was made by a friend, Rachelle.
She wanted to practice her art, and she made this for us for free.

We had donut on a rope... that was fun.

Mercy Rule: After a frustrating couple minutes we let them use their hands. They were so funny and they had lots of fun.

The big hit was the treasure hunt. I left clues all over the yard and at the end they find a treasure box with beads and gummy bears, which looked like jewels.

The one in the air conditioner out sucked in when the heater came on so mommy had to give them the next clue.

They found the clue at the rose bush.

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The Martinez Family said...

Happy Birthday to yuor cute girl! I truely didn't recognize her. It's crazy how time flies. It doesn't seem that long ago that her and Tay were just babies playing together...