Thursday, April 2, 2009

Mud Run

The Mud Run...

This run sounded like fun... a 10k (6 miles) military obsticle course in the mud with a mud slide at the end. It was for a good cause so I decided to do it. Let me tell you it was the hardest and one of the funnest thing I ever did. I got really dirty and really really tired. Doing it pregnant made it a little harder. I was only 5 weeks, but I get really tired in the first trimester. Although, I did the Gate River Run (15K) two weeks later, and I wasn't as tired.

The hardest part was running in boots and pants. (The rules)

This is when I was clean. That girl behind me came in 2nd place.

After the mudslide. I cleaned up a little from the muddy water.

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Anonymous said...

Look at you super woman!! I didn't know you were pregnant! Congrats:)