Friday, January 23, 2009


When I was about 4 or 5 years old, I had the opportunity to dance. I started at that young age in the Cambodian refugee camps. I read somewhere that their was a Refugee Art Group that goes around to promote Art in refugee camps. (I read a lot of stuff on the internet and in books and enjoy conveying some of that information to others, pretending to be smart. :0) Sometimes I get people to believe that I am.) Well, I guess that is how I got started as a dancer and thank you Refugee Art Group.

No I am not in this picture. It is a picture of Cambodian girls learning to dance at a Refugee Camp.

Not did I just get to dance, I got to fall. In my first recital, I was suppose to have my leg up like these girls in the picture. Fortunately, I fell down. (Yes, fortunately.) Don't worry I got right back up, and finished my cute little Cambodian dance, The Lotus Dance. The show must go on.
When my mom tells this story, she always comment of her friend's reaction. Her friend starts sobbing and exclaimed, "She should not get back up. Why are they making a little girl like that dance. It's not fair she is the smallest." In all (most) of her stories, my mom don't reveal her feelings. (In the next post I will talk about my mom and her truths in further detail.) I want to believe that she was proud that I got up and finish what I started. If my mom ever believed anything her friend said then we might not be here today. There has been many times she might have fallen, but she is here today because she rose every time she fell.

Confucius said, "Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall."

I continue to rise and never give up every time I fall. Doing that made me the strong person that I am today. I am not saying that I am perfect (far from it), but I run towards my destiny instead of running from it. Bad things are going to happen and sometimes those bad things come from us, but don't quit looking for a new... way to rise. Look bigger and wider the answer is not going to be right in front of us (it might), but most things we have to work for.

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sblimes said...

Impressive pictures and good comments. You are a special daughter.