Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Coolest Person

When we got back from Siem Reap everyone got sick. I mean everyone. Our tour guide, my cousin Here You and his wife. She threw up all the way home... I won't go into details. Here You had to go see a doctor everyday when we got back. My mom was not willing or wasn't able to move. No beach trip. So I was stuck... the only one who was healthy, and I was bored. Tired of Asian Soap Opera... they make me cry or mad. As a result I watched music videos everyday.
You can't just say, "Hey Savin just grab a motorcycle taxi or the tuk tuk, and go." Remember I wasn't allowed to be off on my own... it was dangerous. You don't want to hear news about an American captured for ransom, or sold to a brothel, (Did I spell that right?).

Tuk tuks are the one with benches and a roof. There is a motorcycle taxi in this picture, too.

Why sit at home on vacation when you can do that at home?

We came home on Wednesday and Friday night my cousin and hero, Here Pheach came home from work. The rest of the time I was in Cambodia Here Pheach took me out. There was only a few times where he went to hang out with his friends instead. One time Here You teased that he is ditching me for a girl, because he can see his guy friends anytime. He would only sacrifice spending time with his American cousin for a girl. Here Pheach assures me he doesn't have a girlfriend. He is the only cousin on my dad side that does not have a spouse, since Here You just got married.

Here are a few pictures of Here Pheach, yes he is shorter and smaller than me.

We did everything together. He took me to museum, restaurants, shopping, the boat races (I will talk about more in detail in another post.) clubs and more. I wouldn't have enjoyed myself as much without him. He is an awesome guy.

At a museum near the palace.
At a garden in the country. Look closely at the huts in the background, they sit on the water. You can rent one for about $4 and order lunch there. You can fish in this pond and whatever you catch they can cook for you. If was a little expensive, $20 for the hut rental and food for two.

This is an a restaurant... you get to have lunch and then take a nap. Serious

This cost $2000. It is a wood carving as big as a couch.

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Glad you wrote more about your trip. The pictures are great!