Sunday, November 30, 2008

Siem Reap

Disclaimer: I have alot more pictures, but they were of the same thing so I tried to pick the best ones. If you get tired of my face to bad... I was there. I had the best time and words and pictures can be just a fraction of the experience I had. Some things you can't put into words, but I will try the best I can. I love to hear questions and comments, so don't forget to write some.

Our day began really early... we got in a Mercedes Benz van and we were off to the tourist capital of Cambodia, Siem Reap. It was hour to get out of Phnom Phen and drive to the ferry that will take us to the road that will take us there.

It's not a fancy ferry. Three ferries were running that day, two small ones with pedestrians and motorcyclist and one large one that took cars.

The scenery was beautiful... I wished all of you could have been there. The pictures don't do it justice. When I did see something I really spectacular, I was not fast enough with my camera.

We stopped to have a bite to eat.

We stopped to pound rice flakes, and buy some.

Then 4 hours later we were there.

Our first visit that day was Angkor Wat, the most visited thing in Cambodia. It was spectacular.
Wow, people built this with their hands. No machines just basic tools and elephants, but mostly muscles. Yes, I went into the echo room... you pound on your chest and you can hear it echo, awesome.
This is me being very disappointed that I could not go all the way up to the tallest tower. My brother went there 4 years ago and climbed it. Apparently, all the climbing are wearing down the carved stones. To save this monument for future generations they had to limit your access.
One day you probably won't be able to go in it anymore. I am happy to able to see what I saw.


My cousin and I at the Bantey Srei.

If you look at this really carefully you can tell that piece this back together. In the early 1900's looters took the pieces apart, they tried to put them back, but the Vietnam War halt the progress. Architects had a big job after the mess the ruins were left in.

My aunt her son and my older uncle in-law (his wife my mom's sister has pasted away).

War veterans... they have their own band.

Tree has grown over the ruins.

This is the entrance for the Hospital.

In the Hospital there is a pool of holy water in the center with four champers. The four champers empties into a smaller pool. The water from the center pool pours into the other pools. People who are sick swims or soak in the smaller pools. (In the above picture is the large pool...this is just rain water. My Aunt Tha and me.)

This is where the water comes out. This chamber has a human head, there is an elephant, snake, and tiger in the other ones. (My Aunt Sane and me... do you see the similarities. I look just like her.) In one of the chambers the water was still running so people were getting the water and putting it on themselves.

In almost all the shrines and monument there are places where you can pray, like in this picture.

At Ankgor Thom (thom means big)... it's getting to the end. People are getting tired. Before I came here I thought there were just Angkor Wat, but there is so much more. Ankgor Thom was built before Ankgor Wat, but Ankgor Wat was more well known because it is more spectacular and really the larger of the two.

My cousin Here You and his new Bride. You can call this their Honeymoon.

The faces on the stones is call Theay Prum... He is giving me a kiss in this picture.

The last tower... the best view.

I was scared climbing down. The stairs were steep and narrow.

We had to climb up the mountian to this monument which took 15 minutes. Then we had to climb the 58 steps to get to the top. These five and the camera man, Here You, made it to the top. Everyone else is sitting at the bottom of the mountain.

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sblimes said...

What a fantastic journey you made to your homeland. Keep your dream alive to take Chad and your girls with you in 2 years. Your pictures are so interesting. Thank you for sharing with us.