Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I made it.

It took 28 hours off and on a plane, but I made it. We left on October 23rd at 5:45 am in Jacksonville, Florida and got to Phnom Pehn, Cambodia on October 24th at 11:30 pm. I didn't enjoy it at all except for the food that was on Asiana Airlines. They had Korean food and they feed us twice and they were so nice. You can watch movies and play games and listen to music. All for no extra charge. On the Delta flights they charge for everything... a small bag of m&m was $3. Crazy...
One flight lasted over 13 hours... everyones feet were swollen... if you took your shoes off it was really hard to put it back on. I tried to walk around a bit, but I had a pregnant girl between me and Ailey. I didn't get sit next to any of the people in our group. Some how when they did the seating they put Sarun's daughter, a two year old in row 42 while the rest of us was in row 13. I trade so she can sit with her mom. I had the pleasure of sitting in between two people who did speak much or any English or Cambodian. They were Korean.

It's weird that I don't see any American people. When I got to the Korean Airport... I look around all I see were Asians. It was strange and I was searching for anyone who looked American. I get all excited when I see one. It has been great fun. I was at the market the other day and I heard some English people arguing. I told the Cambodian people I was with and they thought it was interesting. I just want to talk to them, too I miss it.
Here are some of the pictures I took. Phnom Pehn is the only city in Cambodia, they have Provence.

I took this picture the city. This is one of only a few lights in Cambodia. Traffic is crazy here... there is really no order, it's all whatever. This light here my cousin stops at and followers the light, but may half of the cars or motor bikes do. They are going on a red here.

This is the country road we had to go down to get to my grandparents house.

My aunt and her piece of land... she a small rice field. She shaved her head, because her husband died about three weeks ago.

Baskets to scope up cow or ewwww

This young lady is making the cow scooper and she sell them to neighbors.

Cutting coconut to take to the Wat (Temple).

This little girl is so cute... I wanted to take pictures of a whole bunch of country children, but they all ran away except for this one.

Little kids and their moms.

ox and cart... I think they might be cows
These people are on their way to go get firewood.

This is grandma and grandpa. Old women like to shave there heads, because they don't have to mess with it.

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