Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pumpkin's Day

Hello all of you out there in blog land.  This is not the normal writer as she is off enjoying herself in foreign countries.  I have, however, been left with the task of updating information on the homefront while she is away.  (Is homefront one word or two?)

The first day I took over was also the first class field-trip for the elder daughter.  My wife was upset that she was going to miss out on this. (Oh man, I let out my secret identity.)  

I now wish i would have missed out on it as well, not much happened, we picked up two little pumpkins.  Did I mention it was a trip to one of those church youth run pumpkin patches.  They had little kids reading books to the classes.  There were three classes there when we got there.  And they told the little kids that they were not allowed to touch the pumpkins.  My group was going around trying to enforce that rule and would come and report back to me all the time that the other little kids were not following the rules.

Here is a picture of two members of our group,  the third did not want to be photographed.  They liked the little pumpkins the best.  The littlest one seems to think that anything is small must be the best, including herself.  She has now found a way to make her older sister feel self-conscience just by looking at her.  I don't think I mastered this skill until I was at least 9 years old.

But honestly I don't remember much of my childhood, and the parts I do remember, my sister was usually crying about something I did.  I was just trying to teach her to be tough.  It just never worked.

Anyways, here is the final product.  (Did you know that anyways is not even a word, well then how are you suppose to say anyways?)


You can probably guess who had the small one.  I had to pull all the guts out.  They don't like to get dirty, and I don't trust them poking holes with sharp knifes, but they still feel like they helped, and everyone got to eat pumpkin seeds.  While almost everyone, we didn't save any for the foreign traveler.  But we did take this picture so we will not have to save some severely wilted pumpkins until she gets back.



savin said...

I love you, Chad. You are so funny. Please do not save me any pumkins.

At this moment I can't blog due to time, but I will soon. She you all in a future blog.

Love to all.

Annette said...

Excellent pumpkin carving skills here.