Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Always too small...

Why do I not account for the seam allowance? Well, I went to Cynthia's and got her to try on the sling... too small... about an inch and a half like my sister's. Look how cute the baby looks... she looks so happy. She was very tight in that, but isn't it pretty.

Cynthia is so cute to try this for me... I will be making another one for her.
One that fits. Thank you Cynthia I will be your best friend forever.
Foreva' eva'


Heather said...

Super cute! Have you thought of sewing cloth diaper covers/all-in-ones? You've used them and know what makes some better than others. Might be a good addition to your little botique.

savin said...

The ones I would like to make would be too hard to do. It's those buttons.