Saturday, October 18, 2008

Surpassing the Plateau

Some say it might not have happened... mostly me. I am chunky and forever feels that my body likes being that way. I was never going to be skinny... who wants to be skinny? I do. I know everyone likes to tell me I look great, but ... I can't explain it.

Props to the Trainer

I have gone down to 137lbs... saying goodbye to the 140s.
I owe it all to my trainer Mick Rose.

Mick is training these two woman. You should have seen them before. Okay you have to imagine this 6 ft something black guy barking orders at a 5 ft nothing asain girl. He is as intense as the trainers on biggest loser.

One week I gained 1/2 a pound... I was retaining water... he got really serious. (that's a nice way to say mad) He won't let me give any excuses. So, I gained and I needed to work harder. Let me tell you I was working hard when I gained. The next week I lost 2 pounds. So, I lost 2 pounds and I needed to work harder. Hey... I thought I would get a rest. No rest... not more than 30 - 45 secs. I was sick... no excuses... "I don't care." He told me. "You should still need to drink your water and writing down your food journal."

He wasn't all negative, he was encouraging too. He always tell me when I was doing a good job. He always gave me fist bumps. True... Props to the Trainer.

At my largest weight... No, I did not stretch this picture.
(December 2004)

Before Picture (October 2006)
Checkout Kaya to the right.

After (October 18th, 2008)
I know, I look hot. LOL

I lost 7 pounds in the 6 weeks I trained with him. You should feel my awesome muscles. I wish I can do more, but alas no. I can't afford it ... I had that 12 sessions on a scholarship through the YMCA. I love the Y.

There is no secret... just hard work and determination.
I can help if you really want it. You have to want it.


sblimes said...

Way to go girl! You are fantastic. We are so proud of you.
Hope you have an awesome time in Cambodia. Love Bill & Sylvia

Heather said...

hubba, hubba! lookin' fantastic! Good work!