Tuesday, September 2, 2008

How is Kaya doing?

Well, it seems that she was doing good, until today. We were in the car circle and no sadness, then she saw the teachers taking kids out of the cars. She started to frown and eyes started getting red. Then we get close and the tears start falling. I hope she gets over this soon. My poor baby. This was a long weekend.

Later, Nysa asked me if I miss Kaya. I told her yes, but it was good that she is going to school and she is going to be okay. Then, she said that Lily will be there to be her friend. Nysa felt better after she found out that Kaya will have friends at school.

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Angela said...

Lang cried a few days, then I told him to seal his lips and blow his cheeks up like a puffer fish. It is so funny that you can't cry anymore. Works for him.