Monday, August 25, 2008

Kaya and Nysa

My two special girls Kaya and Nysa. Kaya is 4 years old and Nysa has just turned 3. I love them so much and they seem to love each as well. This post is going to be about them and their bond.

Kaya just started school and it is not going as smooth as we would hoped. She gets so scared, even if she already have friends she knows in her same class. She never had this problem until a month ago when she started crying in primary (Sunday School for little kids in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints). When she was a baby, she never seem to care who was holding her or who I left her with, but now it is different. She seem so dramatic... she cries over everything. A friend of mind once told me that the 4 year old stage is the worst stage her children went through. Her kids have not reached teenage years, yet.

We have been doing a prayer and a cheer before we leave the house. We say the cheer all the way to school and it seems to cheer her up a bit. It goes... "I am going to brave, because I am four years!" We do a fist punch and four finger raise. It is really cute and Nysa, Lily (girl that goes to school with Kaya), and DeAsia all say it with us. We even taught it to the teacher. Nysa and DeAsia use their own respective ages, of course. Kaya seem to be okay when she left today, but her teacher said she had a rough morning. A couple more weeks and she will be okay.

Nysa seems to except that her sister is going to school. She wants to go to school, too, but she knows and excepts that she is not yet of age. She came home this morning, after dropping off Kaya, and she went into her room and layed on the floor with a pillow. I asked her if she was tired, she told me, "No, mommy I am thinking about Kaya." How cute is that. I then asked her if she miss her sister. She replied, "No, mommy I am only thinking about Kaya." Maybe she was worried if her big sister needs her. Maybe Kaya does need her little sister.

When I go to the gym at the YMCA I always tell the workers at the Kids Zone that they prefer to stay in the same room. The new people always insist that, because Kaya is 4 she needs to go in the big kids room. Of course Kaya doesn't do well in there and she is put back with Nysa, where her little sister can take care of her.

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