Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fancy Nancy

Bonjour (that is French for Hello)
Fancy Nancy is a book that Kaya, Nysa and I started reading. Well, actually I got them started on them. I saw it in a store one day and thought it was the most adorable book. (That is fancy for cute.) The books is about a little girl name Nancy who likes everything fancy. She accessorizes, uses fancy words and loves everything French. Anything French is fancy. Her dog's name is Frenchy, her favorite color is lavender (that is fancy for light purple), but the rest of her family is not fancy. These are exquisite books (that is fancy for awesome)... I think I enjoy them more than my girls. Nysa doesn't even want to be a princess anymore, since she can be Fancy Nysa. We are learning French and are using a bigger vocabulary. (That is fancy for words.) I want to be fancy, too.


sblimes said...

Nysa makes a gorgeous Fancy girl. Your sling looks very comfortable. Hope you have good luck selling it.

Heather said...

hahaha! Fancy looks good on you, savin! You are too funny!