Saturday, September 17, 2016

Taking off

We are in Cambodia and things has just started to settle down for me to start blogging again.  I will start from when we left home in Jacksonville.  We had to be out of our house before August so we decided to stay at the in-laws in Lehigh Acres, FL.  We were living in limbo for a few weeks until our flight to Cambodia.  Needless to say we were very anxious waiting, but still excited.  Don't get me wrong we were also nervous of the move.   A week before we left, I found out my mother and father had bought tickets to come to Cambodia too.  They were going to be in Cambodia a day before we get there and stay there for a month. (Oh... I was so mad, but that is another story.)  That was the only time I was rethinking of coming to Cambodia.  There was no way of turning back now, the house is rented and tickets are nonrefundable.

So there you have it, we are leaving Florida, USA.  We only took what we can fit in 10 suitcases.

We took Jetblue from Fort Myers, FL to New York (JFK airport).  Jetblue was a really nice airline.  The attendants were very pleasant and they have yummy snacks.  We got whole cans of soda and bags of chips.  From New York we got on Air China to go to Taipei.  That was a 15 hour flight and it was torture.  Sitting for that only was not fun, and sleeping was not comfortable.  The little ones did well since they get to lay on us.  We did receive two meals and snacks, but not as yummy as Jetblue.  I went on Asiana Airlines before and I like their food better.  I also think their customer service was a little bit better, but for $200 more per person.

Smiley faces on the first flight.  I didn't take the after picture.

From Taipei we flew to Phnom Penh, Cambodia.  They did have me check my suitcase, because something was vibrating and they couldn't stop it.  Haha... It was a toothbrush that the kids put in one of the pockets.  I thought I was in trouble.  They were really nice about it.

After 3 and a half hours, we made it to Phnom Penh.  At the checkout area (where they stamp your passport), the attendant sent my husband to get the luggage.  After Chad was gone, the attendant asked for a tip before he gave me my passport back.  I realized he sent my Caucasian husband away because he can't do that in front of him.  I saw they didn't do that with the other foreigners.  They are not suppose to be asking for tips, because they get paid enough.  Next time, Chad will be holding the passports and I will pretend I don't speak Khmer.  They think I am Korean anyways. Haha

Welcome to Cambodia, and let us show you the worst side of us.

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