Thursday, February 6, 2014

Knowing Them Is Loving Them

This Sunday I was talking to a lady I work with at church.  She is in charge of Ladies Activities (Relief Society Activity Night, if you are Mormon).  For this next coming up activity we should do get to know you games.  Since Valentines Day was right before the activity I suggested that the theme should be, "Knowing Them Is Loving Them."  We can get clearance Valentines candy, too. 

Years ago I became good friends with a very nice retired couple.  They were always going on trips to Hawaii at least twice a year and they loved it.  They even brought me gifts.  Since I am so nosy and I don't have any shame I asked them, "Don't that get expensive."   

They told me that it is, but they pay for their kids and grand kids to all be there, too.  They might not be leaving them any money when they leave this world and join the next, but they are leaving them memories.  

Sometimes we get caught up in our own lives and we take families for granted.  We think that they will always be there, but someday they won't.  Monetary things are not forever.  Please leave some memories behind. 

In Asian countries, family is very important.  After kids are grown and married they still continue to live with their parents.  There could be three or four generations in one house.  Here in America it is different.  When you turn 18 you are encourage to move out and fine your own home.  Children like their friends more than their family.  As a teenager, my sister, told my mom that she likes her friends more than she likes her.  That tore a my mom's heart apart, but now my sister confides in my mother.  She realized that family is forever and friendships will only be temporary.  

The other day my oldest child, Kaya was playing with my youngest, Eyva.  Kaya's friend came knocking at the door and she took off with her friend.  Eyva sat there and cried because her playmate have just left her without a goodbye.  After seeing this I knew there would be a special Family Home Evening Lesson this coming up Monday. (If people don't know that is Family Night for us.  We usually have a spiritual lesson, snack, activity accompanied by prayer and song.) 

Lesson:  As a Mormon we are sealed in the Temple for Time and all Eternity.  When the Parents are sealed together so are the children to the parents and to each sibling. We are not sealed to our friends.  We will be stuck with our family forever, so we need to create good relationship with each other.  Don't worry they will be better in Heaven.  :)  If we make the right choices we can be perfect.
Basicly, don't leave your sister crying when your friends come calling.  Playing with them is getting to know them and knowing them is to loving them.

Show a little love and get to know your love ones and leave some memories.

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