Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Lady, why do you even go out?

Last Friday night my mom offers to babysit.  The Hubby and I jumped at the chance.  We decided to go to a cute, upscale, and trendy little restaurant,  BB's.  It is a wonderful place.  Good food and nice atmosphere.  The only problem is that the tables are really close together. You can't have a very private conversation.  You get to know a little about your neighbors. 

It very easy to eavesdrop especially when they are loud.  This beautiful, blond, thin woman and her husband sat at the table right next to us.  We can tell that they were a little upscale.  Probably they have one of those million dollar homes in San Marco.  At the beginning they just talked about common conversation like the kids and stress at work.  When the waiter came by the woman asked if she can have a white cloth napkin instead of the black one that were at the table.  You might think, Why?  Maybe black napkins you don't show stains so she might not know if it was clean or dirty.  Well whatever you were thinking you are wrong.  Her husband said that he wants one, too.  She stops him by saying that he should keep the black one because he has black pants.  She was wearing white pants.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen she needs the napkins to match her attire.  What!?  It didn't even knew that was a etiquette. 

If any of you know me, you would know that I wanted to laugh and talk about it all night, but I couldn't.  They would hear me.  It took everything I had not to talk about it.

That wasn't the end of it.  She orders a bowl of romaine lettuce with light dressing.  When I say light I mean light.  When the salad came there was no sign of anything on it.  Basically it is dry lettuce.  Lady, why do you even go out?  Apparently, that is what she orders every time she comes.

This is what I had when she was eating her salad.  Upside down Pineapple Cheesecake.

I enjoy myself when I go out.  Maybe I should request for napkins that matches my outfit as well.  I think I would enjoy myself more often.

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