Monday, January 9, 2012

Flaunting It In Your Faces

So I thought it was the perfect time to blog about this ring during my 11 year Anniversary, but I caught up on other things and haven't blogged in a while. Our Wedding Anniversary was on December 2. Doesn't it look awesome. I have had a lot of compliments on it in the last few months, and I have been mentioning it to my husband. He informed me the story I have been spreading around was inaccurate. In addition to flaunting my bling in your faces, I will also tell you of its story (as far as I know it).

First things first... when I was trying to take pictures of this ring (trying to get it in it's perfect light) I realize that I would not make a good hand model. The stubbiness of my fingers did nothing for the ring. Yes, it was hard to take a picture with an SLR camera with just one hand. I did the best I could. If you want to see it in all it's magnificent please feel free, it is on my finger all of the time.

When Chad and I was thinking about getting married, we both agreed that I would have nothing to do with finding the ring. I mean he hasn't even asked me, and why would I go pick something for him to propose to me with. Also he wasn't going to propose without a ring. This was one of the best decision we ever made.

The summer before he proposed I decided to take a break from college and live at home to spend some time with my family. Chad also went to live with his parents and get a summer job. It was the hardest and longest summer we ever spent without each other. He was in Tampa and I was in Jacksonville. It was good that we were busy with our summer jobs. This is when he was actively searching for the perfect ring. If you know Chad, you would know that if he was going to make a big purchase he wasn't going to do it lightly. He researched, learned all the things you need to know about diamonds and wedding rings. He learned all the the cuts, the color, and quality of the diamonds. The possibility seems endless and the stores were many. He didn't like the chain stores, because they were overrated and over priced.

He went to a Pawn shop, yes I said it a Pawn shop, where he met a nice enough jeweler. Chad had a really good feeling about this guy. He looked at many diamonds (I think). Well in the end he choose this diamond. No not the ring the diamond.
Then the jeweler designed this ring and threw in the two smaller diamonds in for free. Yes, this ring was designed for me. Isn't it beautiful, just for me.
*sniff *sniff

(Sorry I am crying, that is what you get when a pregnant girl is blogging about her wedding ring.)

After a couple weeks we got back to school that fall, he proposed. I stared at it for days... thinking to myself "Wow, he did a great job." I never expected that he would be able to fine me the perfect ring. He did, and I adore and treasure it always.

How many carats is it you ask and how much does it cost? Well, he worked as a IBM computer tech for the whole summer to pay for it. The color is pretty clear, the more color it has the cheaper it is. I am going to keep you guessing on how big it is.

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Blimes said...

Have you ever asked him how many times he went back to look at it before he made this important decision. You are one lucky woman with a very lucky man.